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Gas Street Church

Although situated close to St John’s & St Peter’s parish church, the school also has excellent links with Gas Street Church.

Gas Street Church has generously hosted a number of Easter and Christmas Celebrations over the last three years, which the whole school community has thoroughly enjoyed.


All children and parents enjoyed a brilliant Christmas Celebration this year.
A member of our faith team leading a prayer.



The school also benefits from an excellent partnership with Nick and Becky Drake, the founders of 'W4E: Worship for Everyone." The songs by Worship for Everyone have completely transformed Collective Worship in our school. Not only are they theologically sound and promote fantastic messages for all, but they are fun, engaging and easy to learn. And best of all, the children absolutely love them! Our children also had the privilege of singing on one of their latest releases, a song called 'Love in Action,' written specifically to articulate our school motto!

Have a listen below to hear our wonderful school choir!